Experience the authentic of a traditional Kyoto townhouse.

In contrast to the limited privacy experienced at a traditional ryokan inn, Our machiya quests may come and go freely, using the house as their own. Stay our house that was registered as a''Important Cultural Properties of Kyoto''  by Kyoto City Gov.


The Arashiyama Hanare House is rented to guests for just minimum 5 nights or longer, under a short-term lease agreement basis.


The Arashiyama Hanare House is a traditional Japanese "machiya" is located in scenic Arashiyama, on the west side of Kyoto. Arashiyama is a popular tourist destination in Kyoto, with it's beautiful scenery. 


In the days when the ancient capital was located in Nara, Arashiyama was known as a pleasure resort for the Emperor and his court people. Since then, it has always attracted people with it's scenic beauty and seasonal colors, particularly the cherry blossoms of the Spring, and the changing leaves of the Autumn.